What is JumpStart Africa’s Impact?

Our programs and services expand financial inclusion, strengthen local economies especially in Kampala slums and create opportunities for those who remain excluded from the benefits of global economic growth. Women in slum areas get financial and business development services needed to grow their businesses and lift their families out of poverty – creating futures full of hope and promise.

JumpStart Africa’s Clients

Many of our microfinance clients have seen their lives improve, thanks to our financial inclusion model.  Microfinance provides them with access to credit and savings and opens up a world of new opportunities. Due to this, our clients improve their quality of life, meet their personal goals or aspirations and develop livelihoods that benefit their families.

To date, we have reached more than

1500 women

in 39 groups and 

Our Current Loan Portfolio is at more than

$ 100,000 

Financial Inclusion for Slum Women

Jumpstart Africa is committed to serving the vulnerable women in our microlending program.  We are working to demonstrate that  poverty in Africa can be eliminated through enterprise,