Financial Inclusion

We create global partnerships for promoting financial inclusion. We increase affordable credit availability, boost savings, reduce leak in subsidy and welfare distribution, improve access to financial services in a convenient, appropriate but simple and dignified manner with the requisite consideration to client protection

Economic Growth

We create value for small enterprises at the same time creating a more sustainable and inclusive path to economic growth, prosperity, and well-being (SDG 8- Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all). We work to avail more affordable requirements in financing SMEs for women and youth.

Impact Investment

We expand micro-finance (savings, credit and insurance) for small business owners,expand finance for ‘the missing middle’ i.e. small enterprises graduating from micro-finance and are not yet able to access credit from the formal banking system. Leverage new business models and technologies to raise diversified sources of capital including impact investment and peer-to-peer lending.