What is Ultra Poverty?

Ultra poverty is an inability to meet even the barest of basic needs. The ultra poor are typically food insecure, have few or no assets, lack education, and suffer from poor health.

The vast majority of ultra poor households are headed by women. Ultra poor women tend to be the victims of social exclusion and lack self-confidence or opportunities to build the skills and resilience necessary to plan their own futures.

Often chronic and inter-generational, ultra poverty creates a trap that is incredibly difficult for women and their families to escape. Traditional microfinance institutions do not reach out to the ultra poor due to the very high level of accompaniment required to help them ascend from ultra poverty.

Financial Inclusion for the Ultra Poor

Jumpstart Africa is committed to serving the ultra poor through our micro lending program.  We are working to demonstrate that extreme poverty in Africa can be eliminated through enterprise,

Using highly effective targeting methods, Jumpstart Africa has successfully served over 1300 poorest women in Kampala and their families, enabling them to emerge from ultra poverty.

To uphold the Dignity of Work

  • 2428 – In work, the person exercises and fulfills in part the potential inscribed in his nature. The primordial value of labor stems from man himself, its author and its beneficiary. Work is for man, not man for work, Pope John Paul II, On Human work (Laborem Exercens), 6.
    Everyone should be able to draw from work the means of providing for his life and that of his family, and of serving the human community.
  • 2433Access to employment and to professions must be open to all without unjust discrimination: men and women, healthy and disabled, natives and immigrants, Pope John Paul II, On Human work (Laborem Exercens),19; 22-23.  For its part society should, according to circumstances, help citizens find work and employment, Centesimus annus, 49.