Esther, a woman breaking barriers

Nakivumbi is a very hard-working young woman. As a Black Smith and SME business owner, she needs maneagable loans to buy materials to use so that her business can keep running and growing. That is why she came to us for support and has been a beneficiary of our friendly loans since 2017

What is peculiar about Nakivumbi is that she is doing a business that is predominantly done men. Women in her area tend to do businesses that are less labour intensive like selling food stuffs, clothes among others. It has been rare to find a woman doing Black Smith work.

Through this work, she is able to create products like Saucepans and other house hold utensils which she directly sells to her customers and supplies to other retails. This both material and labour intensive and that is why we picked interest in her and decided to support her with our loans to expand her business.

Due to this support, she has now been able to expand her business to the extent that she now employs extra workers to make products and sell. We are proud to continue to empower women like her to grow their businesses and prosper.

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