Ruth’s Journey Out Of Poverty

Many women in Kampala have dreams of prospering their families and bringing a difference in their communities. And as we speak with them in our field work, we discover one resounding desire to start up their own businesses but lack capital. The banks and other financial institutions will often neglect these women because they lack security.

It the same issue that Ruth, a resident of Kinawa, a Kampala slum was facing. She had a small vegetable selling business and wanted to expand it but lacked the means. However, Jumpstart Africa came in to fill this gap, reaching out to these women and offering them the financing they need to advance.

Ruth is now able to access financial services from her home area Kinawa. She runs this vegetable selling point and is already planning to get another loan and support from us and move her business to a higher level. her children are now in school and she is now able to even dream bigger!

Such is the impact we hope to continue to have and even scale it as we expand our operations around Kampala.

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