How Jumpstart Africa empowers slum women

Our formula to Empower women is simple: we give a small loan to a hardworking woman to start or expand her small business. She uses the profits from her business to fulfill one of her modest dreams: tuition fees for her children or roofing for the family home. As her business succeeds and she pays the loan back to Jumpstart Africa, those funds go back to work to making another woman’s dream come true.

With access to capital, and as business owners, women play a key role in controlling the purse strings for the household, becoming the breadwinners for the family. becoming breadwinners, women can spend the family money wisely and begin to save.

Yet even with their proven record of being good managers to micro credit, quite a number of them still lack access to credit services across Sub Saharan Africa. It is from background that as Jumpstart Africa, We have committed ourselves to bridging this gap providing financial services to the underserved women in the slums of Kampala.

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