Our financial services are closing the gender gap

JumpStart Africa continues to work in the slums of Kampala and beyond providing very essential financial services to excluded women. We have so far served more than 2000 clients and counting and disbursed more than US $ 100,000 in loans in our short time of operation. Our goal is to connect many women to finance to empower them to be significant drivers of social economic prosperity in their communities and the African continent.

Globally, there is a gender gap in financial inclusion. Women are 7% points less likely than men to have a bank account globally. Further, even when women have full access to banking services, they face much greater challenges in obtaining services that meet their needs.

There is an estimated $300 billion credit shortfall for women-owned micro-, small-, and medium-sized enterprises in emerging economies, and women are also more likely to be dissatisfied with banking services worldwide.

That is why micro-finance and impact investment, the key services we offer, are very crucial to close this gap. our loans, many women continue to start new or grow their businesses giving them the confidence and ability to build prosperity. #ConnectingWomenToFinance

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