JSA, Margret’s banana business is growing sustainably

Based in Kinawa, a Kampala outskirt, Jajja Margret a grandmother and community leader, has been a beneficiary of JumpStart Africa(JSA) financial services for the last two years.

She is using our micro-credit services to grow her small business selling Matooke (Bananas) and support her family. She is repaying her third loan cycle of US $ 246. She started with JSA in Jan 2018 and has paid off the initial US$ 82 and the second $164 loans.

She used to stock 1 bag of bananas at US $ 33 and from each bag she would have a gross profit of US $ 7. She now stocks 1 bag of bananas and 20 bunches from which she profits $ 35 twice a week bringing profit from sale of bananas to US $ 49. She also sells up to four bags of charcoal every week, each at US $ 17.5 and a gross profit of $ 4 is made on each.

Because of this business, Margret is now able to confidently care for her grand children, pay their school fees and rent for the premises of her business. Her greatest benefit from the loans is increased profits from increased inventory. She has no bank account and wishes JSA was taking deposits.

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