Why Dignity Matters when seeking to empower the poor

Our purpose at JumpStart Africa is to uphold the human dignity, why? because dignity matters when seeking to empower the poor.  Dignity provides a sense that an individual, a family, a community, are worth preserving and sustaining, regardless of circumstances.  Dignity sustains the poor while defeating the circumstances of poverty.

Creating jobs is one of many important steps in defeating these circumstances.  JumpStart Africa helps the poor to develop their own businesses through sound business training, access to community loans, and participation in innovative savings programs.  These businesses provide jobs in their communities – all started with small amounts of money that go a long way in developing countries.

As a JumpStart Africa entrepreneur grows her business, she increases her children’s access to healthier protein-rich meals, clean water, education, healthcare, and, ultimately, a sustainable community in which to grow up.  But that’s not all.  JumpStart Africa offers its entrepreneurs the consistent spiritual support necessary for transformed lives.  Each entrepreneur learns about God’s love, intention, and desire to transform her and her community.

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