Agnes and a score of women are building Prosperity with JSA individual loans

Kampala can be a hash place for a woman especially if they have no source of income. A sizable number of women are single mothers because they either abandoned their husbands, neglected or their husband died living them with children to take care of. This is sometime very difficult for these women so they have to find a way for both themselves and their families and since most of these do not have employable skills, they opt for starting a small business that can earn them small income.

However, a number of them are frustrated because they always lack capital and most financial institutions can not offer them credit because they lack collateral. Jumpstart Africa has been working to solve this problem mobilising these women into groups based on the village saving model. Through this, the organisation has been disbursing loans which granted opportunities to these women to access capital they would otherwise have not accessed. A number of them like Agnes have graduated to a level were their businesses are thriving and they are now getting individual loans from Jumpstart Africa to boost their businesses.

When we interacted with Agnes, one of our committed customers, this is what she said about her experience;

“JumpStart Africa loans are convenient for me and have greatly helped me to grow my small businesses. I am currently doing different small businesses including garment and food vending, to have multiple sources of income and ensure the prosperity of my family. The credit officers are very supportive and understanding which encourages me to work hard and repay in time to be able to access more funding” Agnes


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