How poor women entrepreneurs in Africa can be supported to get back on their feet after COVID-19 – JumpStart Africa

In the slums of Kampala and rural Uganda, a number of women have either given up or exhausted their capital to keep their businesses running. In past weeks while the JumpStart Africa team was doing follow-up calls to find out the effects of COVID-19 on our clients, we got many cries for support. Some of these women are struggling to feed their families. They have been forced to change their aspirations from working to thrive to finding ways of surviving.

This is what recently prompted us to begin thinking of ways we can begin to support them to thrive again. The need for support has never been this huge in our history of operation. The top question on our mind in recent times has been; How might we empower these woman to survive in these hard times before we work with them on their to thrive again. Would it be relevant to begin thinking about relief in times like these? How do we mobilise relief and from where?

To rebuild their hopes, we have started a campaign to raise support for these women so that they can restart their income generating projects. The goal is to empower them to have basic need and set them on a journey to economic recovery and communities in these areas can be jumpstarted to start thriving. You can JOIN too to a support a small business owner to start again giving through

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