JumpStart Africa gives her the tools and support needed to break the cycle of poverty and thrive

At JumpStart Africa, we get to work with very many struggling women in the slums of Kampala on almost a daily basis. Most of these are either widows, single mothers or have husbands who have abdicated their responsibilities and hence are the sole bread winners for their families. Due to high levels of unemployment in these communities, the only sure source of income is starting a small business from which they can get money to support their families .
However, starting a small business or running one is very difficult for them because most of them have no where to get capital. That is why JumpStart Africa has committed to providing affordable and accessible micro-loans to give them a start and set them up for success. We reach out to women in communities like Bunono, Entebbe on a weekly basis to provide our micro-loan support and we have made it possible for them to apply online through here
Through our Micro-loan programs, We’re empowering hundreds of families like hers with the tools and support needed to break the cycle of poverty and thrive. Our micro-loan program enables her and many other women to buy stock for their businesses and run them profitably. Learn more here and see how you can partner with us.

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