JumpStart Africa is enabling her business to grow through offering her much needed micro-credit

Due to COVID 19 effects, most of the women JSA supports run out of capital and their businesses collapsed. Pictured above, is one of the women that was affected. With her very small business, many traditional financial institutions will not grant her a loan. Lack of capital support means that she is most likely to close her business which is the main source of income for supporting her family. That is why our micro-loan support to her is very important and empowers her to realise her full business potential.

JumpStart Africa is changing her story giving her access to the very much needed micro-credit to invest in her business. With our support, she will buy more stock for her business and increase her capacity to serve clients in her community. With income and profits earned from her small business, she will be able to provide food, health care and education to her children.

We are committed to empowering many poor women like her with the tools to chart their way out of poverty for good through business.

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