JumpStart Africa, A social enterprise powering many women run small businesses to break the cycle of poverty

We are a social enterprise that uses micro-finance to catalyze economic growth, expand financial inclusion and alleviate poverty in under-served communities in Uganda. Operating since 2016, the focus has been on arguably the most vulnerable yet important members of the society: Women and Youth. We have helped over 1500 women build their their small businesses and we continue to empower many more to break the cycle of poverty in their families.
“Our mission is to connect people and empower communities through provision of financial services (increasing access to capital/ affordability and flexibility)..”We believe that financial inclusion is a key enabler to reducing poverty and increasing opportunity and that why we are bridging the financial exclusion gap through making access to finance for small business owners possible. From small businesses selling banana to urban based home based farming projects, below are some of the very small businesses we have supported in recent times to recover from COVID pandemic effects.
Pictures of some of the projects we supported to recover from COVID 19 effects
Since 2016, Jumpstart Africa has enabled bottom-up growth in slums and areas around Kampala Uganda. We do so offering access to small loans and other financial services that low-income people otherwise would not have. JumpStart Africa serves its micro-finance clients through solidarity groups and this allows us to maintain personal relationships and trust with clients while reaching deeper into the bottom of the economic pyramid.

JumpStart Africa is alleviating poverty through microcredit and social enterprises. Our work is guided a commitment to market-based solutions, and a belief in the inherent resources and strengths of those living in poverty to pursue and achieve their dreams.

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