A micro-loan to JumpStart Her Piggery project and empower her to lift her self out of poverty

In this challenging period of the pandemic, many women are the sole bread winners of their families and that is why we have committed our selves to giving them the tools they need to thrive. One of the women we are supporting in this program is the one in the picture below. We provided her with a micro-loan to expand her piggery project and buy feeds for the animals. As her project grows and becomes more productive, she will have a better source of income, provide for her family and achieve her dreams. JumpStart Africa is proud to provide financial services that empower people to solve poverty using business.

JumpStart Africa; Empowering Women through Financial Inclusion

Worldwide, women constitute the majority of the 1.7 billion unbanked adults. Despite having multiple roles in society—as consumers, employees, business owners, mothers and caretakers—there is great income inequality between men and women. A woman’s chances of receiving credit are lower than it is for a man. Yet, in an increasing number of families, the woman provides much or all of the family’s income. Therefore, one way of how to empower women is to increase their access to essential financial services.

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