A Micro-Enterprise loan from JumpStart Africa is empowering her to transform her baking business

Dorothy runs a Cake baking business in her community and has been our client for close to 4 years. Before getting to know JumpStart Africa(JSA), she didn’t have the tools for making the cakes. With support from JSA, She has bought baking equipment that helps her easily make better cakes in less time. Her production capacity has increased and so she is able to serve more clients and earn more income. Through our Micro-Enterprise Loan Program, We are proud to be supporting her to grow her business and efficiently serve Before meeting JumpStart Africa(JSA), she had to do most of the baking work manually. However this has changed since she met and acquired a loan from JumpStart Africa. She now has baking equipment and has been able to buy enough baking ingredients to produce more cakes and meet the growing demand in her community. This is all possible because our Micro-Enterprise Loan support Program to her and many budding entrepreneurs in Uganda. #JumpstartAfrica #SmallBusinessSupport #EmpoweringEntrepeneurs

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