JumpStart Africa provides loans to catalyse business growth for under-priviledged entrepreneurs in Kampala

Meet Sarah(not real name), a woman entrepreneur in Kampala, Uganda. Every morning, she wakes up at 5 a.m. to purchase fresh tomatoes, bananas, and other produce from local farmers. She then sells these foods in the market to her neighbours. The income from her small produce business helps pay for food, rent, and school fees for her three children.

Sarah’s story is common across sub-Saharan Africa. Over 50% of women are entrepreneurs out of necessity rather than opportunity. They face many challenges – less education, discrimination in hiring, and cultural norms that limit their potential. Sarah dreams of expanding her business but lacks access to loans and training.

JumpStart Africa is empowering women entrepreneurs like Sarah providing microloans and business mentoring. When you talk to most of the women beneficiaries, you will hear testimonies like “Before JumpStart, I was struggling. The loan and training helped me buy more inventory. Now I earn twice as much and can pay my kids’ school fees.”

Stories like Sarah’s show how supporting women entrepreneurs creates ripple effects. Their increased income improves livelihoods, educates children, and stimulates local economies. Providing loans and training to women entrepreneurs is not just good value – it’s smart economics. Women represent an engine of growth and prosperity waiting to be unleashed.

JumpStart Africa provides micro-loans to underserved entrepreneurs like Sarah to catalyze business growth and create a more prosperous Africa! With the right support, the future looks bright. “I dream of opening a produce stall one day,” says Sarah with a smile. Empowering women entrepreneurs unlocks their potential and lifts up entire communities.

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