About Us

Our Story

We are a social enterprise that uses micro-finance to catalyze economic growth, expand financial inclusion and alleviate poverty in under-served communities in Uganda. Operating since 2016, the focus has been on arguably the most vulnerable yet important members of the society: Women and Youth.
Through our unique business model, we have created a sustainable model that allows us to provide micro-credit services to women and youth creating thousands of opportunities of income opportunities for the most vulnerable members of the community.


Sustained livelihoods of women and youth through business

Our mission

Connecting people and empowering communities through provision of financial services (increasing access to capital/ affordability and flexibility).

Purpose Statement 

Upholding the dignity of the human person through investment.

Our Values

At Jumpstart Africa, we are guided the following core values:

Integrity –  We seek to be accountable, transparent , honest and fulfilling commitments in all we do

Customer-centricity – Internal and external customers experiencing a positive feeling when they do business with us

Teamwork – We develop mutual trust and respect  between employees and clients and we deal with team dysfunctions in a constructive way)

Empowerment – We enable people to be able, we give them enough information to make their own informed decisions with an abundant mentality – we enjoy seeing our employees and clients develop and prosper)

Inclusiveness – We believe all human being were made equal we focus on the inclusion of the less privileged to create value for them and society so as to meet their basic and developmental needs

The Opportunity

In Uganda and many Africa countries, women face a number of challenges ranging from having no access to assets and productive resources, exposure to gender violence, unpaid work to being forced into early marriages. These factors and many others make a greater reduction in the ability of women to fully participate in activities that bring about empowerment and economic growth. Women cannot get access to formal bank loans because they lack permanent employment and security to offer as collateral. They face higher constraints in accessing start-up and growth funds . Women access 9 % of the available credit and 26% of the total population in Uganda live in poverty and struggle to earn a living

The Solution

To tackle these issues, we work to fulfill our mission statement:

“To connect people and empower communities through provision of financial services (increasing access to capital/ affordability and flexibility)..”

Financial inclusion is a key enabler to reducing poverty and increasing opportunity. Since 2016, Jumpstart Africa has enabled bottom-up growth in slums and areas around Kampala Uganda. We do so offering access to small loans and other financial services that low-income people otherwise would not have. JumpStart Africa serves its micro-finance clients through solidarity groups and this allows us to maintain personal relationships and trust with clients while reaching deeper into the bottom of the economic pyramid.

JumpStart Africa is alleviating poverty through microcredit and social enterprises. Our work is guided a commitment to market-based solutions, and a belief in the inherent resources and strengths of those living in poverty to pursue and achieve their dreams.